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Our Research

The Cyberlaw Book was a text developed jointly with Heather Neisworth and Javier Antonio Silva for the International Encyclopedia of Law, of Wolters Kluwer.

We all did tons of research and writing to finally have it published. A job of over 3 years, where we gathered most of the cyber law legislation from Colombia, South America.


The book includes diverse topics in electronic commerce, banking, data protection, copyright law. In the update, we hope to include any new norms in artificial intelligence.

Jos Dumortier (Volume Editor), Roger Blanpain (General Editor), Frank Hendrickx (General Editor), Colombia, IEL Cyber Law (Kluwer Law International BV, Netherlands)

Research Team

Heather Neisworth

Communications Expert, Georgetown Associate Professor

Andrés Izquierdo A.

Javier Antonio Silva

Lawyer, Researcher

Next update...

Currently, we are working on the new edition of the book. Hopefully will be published by January 2020.