The law section of this site is mostly about intellectual property. Mostly both sides of the coin. Intellectual Property cannot be seen in a single manner, as an absolute right that only has one possible interpretation. There are too many sides to Intellectual Property, so this is what you will find in this side. Not a single position, not a single point of view. This is not a side to replicate the discourse of the World Intellectual Property Organization, neither a battle flag for the destruction of IP rights. No, this is a site where you can find information, post, articles, even a book, about ways of undestanting intellectual property from the diverse points of view. If this is what you are interested in, you will find a lot of info and good references to further your study in the intellectual property norms.

What’s copyright?

Difficult question.

Do Patents need to exist?

Another good question.

What can we do with the Free Trade Agreements being signed all over the world with new and more strict IP rules?

That is another question that will be tried to be answered in this site.

If you scroll around the blog, you will be able to find 40+ articles on the subject.