PIJIP – Antony Taubman Reception

On Friday June 15th, PIJIP, WCL, AU, hosted a reception to honor adjunct professor & Director of the World Trade Organization’s IP division, Antony Taubman. Very interesting meeting to learn and discuss new IP approaches. Many concerns about Court IP rulings around the world. How do they interpret the IP law? is the interpretation consistent with international IP treaties? Is the interpretation consistent around the world? are there any differences between a ruling on the same subject by an Australian court compared to an Argentinean one? is the interpretation of Trips consistent among its members? what about the civil law tradition countries that do not follow a legal precedent system? a ruling on the same subject will be understood in different ways within the same country? seems the subject is worthy of analysis and consideration. To my understanding, rulings are coming in all sort of ways and colors around the planet, at least among the countries that signed agreements such as the Bern Convention.

Photograph of PIJIP.

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