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Daren Tang to WIPO: the trademark community reacts

The magazine World Trademark Review interviewed Andrés Izquierdo on the new WIPO Director-General Daren Tang.  See the complete article by Jonathan Walfisz here. 

Andrés Izquierdo stated: "In terms of what I think Tang's priorities should be, information technology (IT) is moving towards a point where a vast new set of IP rules will soon be needed. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and algorithms are all changing the way we experience the world today. We are already in a transition that is putting a lot of stress on both the economy and society and a new set of IP laws will be needed to counteract any possible adverse effects.¨

¨To address this big technology transition, the new Director-General needs to stay up to date with the new technologies and have a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property. WIPO needs to remain relevant, this can only be achieved if the organization is agile enough to address the current technological disruption. Technologies such as AI should also be integrated into WIPO’s activities. The world is changing rapidly, and hence Tang will need to understand the impact on innovation, creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, and the IP system.¨

See complete article here