Eduardo Reyes Celi

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Eduardo Reyes Cely, Econ., Public Relations

Economist of Universidad del Rosario with eleven years of experience in the financial sector in Colombia, Chile and New York. Head of Economics Research at Banco Popular, and Ultrabursátiles Afin ; Stock Broker and Intermediary Advisors Proprietary Position in Securities and Director of Rate Derivatives and Chief Economist at Compagnie Financière Tradition. Teaching during over 9 years on issues of Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Capital Markets, Stock Analysis, Forex, Investment Banking, Analysis and Fundamental Psychology in trading on institutions as Asobursatil, IRT , Altman Trading Center, BVC , U. Cesa , U. Rosario , U. Sabana , U. Santo Tomas , U. Grancolombiano, U. Eafit , U. Sergio Arboleda , U. Tecnológica de Bolívar. Economic consultant (Articles, Reports and Interviews ) to diverse newspapers such as: La Republica , El Tiempo , El Espectador and El País. TV News : RCN , Caracol, CM & and 1 and City TV News. Radio: FM, The W FM , Radio Super, RCN . Information Systems: Bloomberg , Reuters, Central Bureau, Money ( Portal) , Financial Times.