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Horse ride

Here I was, at the metro, thinking on the best career path for me, being 41 years old. I was asking myself, “will there be a single moment in my life that I can just not care at all about it?” Been thinking about that ever since I can remember. I have been educated since kindergarten to have a place in society. Not that I am ungrateful of the opportunity to have a primary, high school, college, and master’s degree education, but more the fact that I have never been separated formally from this track.

Your parents sit you there in the horse, give you the first big push, and then you continue. But there lies the problem, neither your horse or you know where you are heading. The horse waits for your orders at the time you wonder if the horse will take you to the right path. But neither knows the way. Just like Don Quijote with Rocinante, the same story is with anyone’s life. There is just no track, although they make you believe that there is, there’s not.

Depending on how fit is your horse, you will arrive faster, or well, you can get lost more quickly. But I tell you, the better you feed the horse, the better your horse order serves you. If you don’t feed your horse or not take care of it and get sick or dies, it will be your sole responsibility for not making anything out of your life. Love it, feed it, pet it, trust it, educate it. It’s your ride.

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